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With the growing age, people lose bone mass or density, especially women after the menopause. A study says, one in two women with the age around 50 years will break a bone. Physical activity is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has an ability to increase bone mass and reduce the falling or injuring risk.The human body structure is made up of physical components such as joints, ligaments, internal organs, muscles, and bones.Whom will you approach if you fall down and any body part gets injured?

This is the time when Physiotherapist comes into the play. Physiotherapy is the best non-surgical and drug-free solution to all Neuro-musculoskeletal problems.The human body is something that is designed for various physical activity that can be controlled by thenervous system through muscle acting on limbs joint using bones.

Spine Clinic Africa can be the best companion to handle the potential injury which include sprain or strain injuries, post-surgery treatment, and many more. A physiotherapistis a body movement expert in a medical terms. This treatment procedure includes a session with physiotherapist and they handle the treatment with stretching and strengthening exercise.

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Whom will you contact while got your hip injured? Let me tell you, knees and hips are the largest joints of human body. They support the body weight and work in coordination so you can manage the daily activity easily like run for the bus, play on the ground, or lift the weight. To come out from the situation, you should approach the best Knee and hip surgeries in Kenya where skilled and experienced surgeons can examine the scenario, diagnose the injury, and reach to the fruitful result.

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